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Iranian Journal of Archaeology and Archaeological Sciences (Archsci)

Submission instructions


Submission process

All submissions are considered by the Editor in the first instance. Suitable papers are peer-reviewed by a minimum of two experts. Peer-reviewers (also known as Referees) are selected for their knowledge and expertise and may include, but are not limited to, IJAS's Editorial Advisory Board. Submissions are assessed on the potential interest of new archaeological interdisciplinary studies.

If you are unsure whether a paper is suitable for archsci, please contact the Editor prior to submission (

Authors are strongly advised to read the instructions below before submitting a manuscript. Submitted manuscripts that do not adhere to IJAS's standards may be returned to the author(s). Resubmissions of papers previously declined may be considered when invited by the editor.


Proofs and offprints

Authors will receive a proof of their article as a PDF file. Please note that only typographical or factual errors may be corrected at proof stage. Authors will also receive a PDF file of the published article.


Manuscript preparation: Research & Interdisciplinary Studies

Please follow the guidelines below when creating a manuscript for Research, Method or Debate articles.



Manuscripts should be structured as follows:

- Article title

- Author's names and contact details for publication

- Text (DO NOT include an abstract)

- Acknowledgements

- References

- Figure captions

- Tables

- Supplementary material

Please do not include the cover letter in the body of the manuscript.


Line spacing:  Text should be prepared in 1.5-line-spacing.


Footnotes: The use of footnotes is prohibited in all manuscripts.

Word limits: Word limits are as follows:

Research: 5000 words

Multidisciplinary studies: 5000 words

The word limit must include all text (exclude abstract), acknowledgements, references, tables and all figure and table captions.



All papers are published in English, and we therefore prefer to receive submissions in English.


Submission declaration

As part of the submission process authors will be required to confirm that the substance of the content presented has not been published previously and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.



Authors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions to reproduce material to which they do not own copyright, for use in both print and electronic media, and for ensuring appropriate acknowledgements are included in their manuscript. If submission is accepted for publication, authors will be asked to provide a copy of the relevant permission(s).